Paradise Underground Gig

Old Blue Last – Shoreditch



Paradise underground have been prepping for their EP launch by releasing a single a day for the lead up to their headline gig at The Old Blue Last, with Dead Pretties and Caspian’s Island as support.
Caspian’s Island kick off the night, their music making some of the crowd dance away with the rest just standing there clearly waiting for one of the two other bands on tonight’s bill.

Next up is the Dead Pretties, with their sound being a lot heavier than the previous band the crowd really start breaking a sweat by opening up mosh pits, and considering the upstairs of the venue isn’t very big it meant that everyone in the room got pushed around at some point.




The time is 21:40 and Paradise Underground begin setting up their equipment on stage. The room quickly starts filling up again now that everyone has settled their craving of a cigarette. They start things off with Time Around Town and NightLife which are both older songs from their first EP ‘NightLife’.

PU play new songs such as Plastic Chavs and although the EP has only been out around a week the boisterous crowd seem to know the words, singing them back to the band whilst jumping up and down.
For a band who have only been together for about a year, their songs get the crowd moshing as if they’re watching Palma Violets, a band who are known for their intimate gigs being rough and sweaty.



If you’ve seen PU live before you’ll know that front man Ant has a break from playing guitar to focus on singing during a few of the songs. For the past two times I’ve seen them live Ant normally sits on the stage floor, this gig being no different.

The band close the gig with song Sink or Swim , each band member are putting everything into the closing song whilst Ant then jumps off stage into the crowd with the microphone, everyone gathers around to lift him up and then eventually crowd surf him back onto stage.
When they finish playing the crowd start chanting “ONE MORE SONG! ONE MORE SONG!”, so Paradise Underground give them what they want and play an encore. Ant tells the rowdy crowd how they’ll play a cover which the whole band know, and to my delight it’s an Arctic Monkeys song, ‘I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor’. And with that their EP Launch gig is finished, the crowd either go to talk to the band or head to their merch table to pick up a copy of the EP and a band top.

Paradise Underground have three more dates of their tour.






April Arabella


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