Paradise Underground – EP Launch

With the lead up to their EP launch, Paradise Underground an Indie Rock band from Buckinghamshire have been releasing a single a day from their recently recorded EP ‘Into Tomorrow’. They headline The Old Blue Last on Thursday 7th April with support from The Dead Pretties and Caspian’s Island.

The band is formed of four young lads who met in college in 2015.  After deciding they wanted to start a band they agreed on making music inspired by the indie rock music scene. Since then they have played support slots for bands such as Poor Michael and The Ordinary boys, as well as this they have also been on the same line up as Carl Barat from The Libertines for the Absent Kelly event, which was held at The Amersham Arms in New Cross.

With a similar sound to The Libertines, Paradise Underground’s Stick It With You single has the most resemblance to the Camden bands earlier songs. You can Check out Paradise Underground’s music over at their SoundCloud.

The first single they released from the EP was Plastic chavs, the song is catchy and lyrically amusing ‘plastic chavs in million pound houses oh what a cringey sight, plastic chavs in million pound houses trying to get into fights’. whilst most of the population seems to be aspiring to be ‘chavs’, this song is spot on with the day and age we are now living in. Just flick through your TV guide and you’ll see programmes such as ‘The Only Way is Essex’ which are full of ‘Plastic Chavs’ amongst many other programmes.

Single Just Like You is calling out all the people who change themselves to fit in with the crowd. ‘There’s a million others just like you, copying everything the other people do’, are you starting to see the link between the songs yet? The fact that originality is almost frowned upon, teenagers are trying their hardest to gain approval from their peers. With the UK/USA charts being filled with bands such as Little Mix/ One Direction, the younger generations feel they need to look and act a certain way, so we need more bands like Paradise Underground to start making music to show their isn’t just one way to be and start embracing the individual artistic music that can be created with a guitar and drumkit.

Latest single Solitary Waltz sees Paradise Underground slow things down. Frontman Anthony McCallum drags his words across the 3 minute 40 second song. Singing about wanting to stay home rather than go out where he’d have to make excuses for why he can’t talk,’I want to chat but the rooms too bright… I like myself it’s where I spend my time, please don’t ask what I’m doing tonight, because I’m lying under covers and spying isn’t right.. if it was up to me, I’d live in my mind, my boho paradise’. 

Paradise Underground have 2 more songs that they will be releasing ready for their EP Launch. Keep up with the latest news over at the bands Facebook page.

You can also check out some of the photos I took at their gig from The Garage Islington here.
And don’t forget to help support the band by going to one of their gigs listed below. Merch will be sold at the gig including copies of Into Tomororw EP.


April Arabella


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