DIIV – Is The Is Are

DIIV return with their second album Is The Is Are. Like their first album Oshin, you are sent through a whirlwind of dreamy, shoegaze, garage rock. The main difference you will notice between the two albums though, is the amount of vocals they feature on the new songs. Adding lyrics that have a more personal feel to them.

The band released several singles throughout 2015 for the new album, giving us a glimpse of how it will look. Amongst the singles was the song Bent (Roi’s Song), listening to the lyrics ‘And I saw you after a decent spell in a private hell – And I told you, “I hope I live a thousand lives, I hope I live them well”. ‘ ‘ I saw you with a very loose grip on your tight ship – And I lost you when you said one hit couldn’t hurt a bit’, Smith seems to be describing his fight with drug addiction, his path towards clarity and sobriety. These lyrics added with the upbeat chords add to a emotional mixture, leaving you unsure whether to feel happy or sad.

Listen to Bent (Roi’s song) here

Blue Boredom that features DIIVs lead singer, Zachary Cole Smith’s girlfriend Sky Ferreira, is more dark and feels slightly rough around the edges. The chords used throughout the song are simple enough to let you concentrate on the lyrics, which suits Ferreira’s vocal style as she almost drags you into the song. Breathing deep and heavily, exhaling each word with such passion making it feel like she’s leaning over and whispering into your ear.

Listen to Blue Boredom here

Cole has added what seems to be every idea he had for the album, including the 16 second track which just features a guitar riff. But after nearly a 4 years wait since they released their first album, I’m certainly happy to have as many new songs as possible and I hope the wait won’t be as long for album #3!

Overall this album is good enough to make you want to have it on repeat all day (which I certainly have).

You can catch them on tour – if you was lucky enough to grab yourself a ticket. To see when they’re doing a gig near you follow the link to the bands Tumblr 

  5/5 stars


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