Public Access T.V

Birthdays – Dalston London 

A Public Access T.V gig is as energetic as you’d imagine a New York bands gig would be. As soon as they come on stage and begin playing the crowd immediately  start jumping up and down to the music. I find myself on several occasions nearly falling on stage as the crowd behind me are becoming more enthusiastic, showing their love for the indie rock music.


PATV are currently New York’s hottest band, with fans/ friends from Palma Violets and Childhood in the crowd. All under one roof they are amongst some of the best bands to have come out of the UK during the last 4 years. I also notice Spanish band Hinds who PATV are currently supporting on tour, but whilst they have a day spare PATV are headlining the NME awards show with support from Misty Miller and Strange Bones.


During their set they played favourites In the Mirror, In Love and Alone and their new single On LocationWhat I love most about rock bands is how amazing they sound live, none of this lip syncing you get from most pop stars who are currently in the charts and PATV certainly do not disappoint. When they announce they have only one song left I can’t help but feel heartbroken because this was a gig I never wanted to end. So I quickly turn my camera to video mode and record their last song Patti Peru so I can watch it on repeat on my train journey home(and I most certainly did).

 If you haven’t heard PATV before but you’re a fan of bands such as The Strokes and Palma Violets, then this band will become one of your new favourites. I briefly spoke to front man John Eatherly after their set to find out when we can be expecting new music from them. And to my delight he told me that they have just finished recording their album and it should be due to be released in the summer time. So I’m sure we will see them playing at loads of stages during the festival season, and fingers crossed they’ll be touring the UK again soon so I can get my PATV fix.

img_01245/5 stars





I unfortunately couldn’t get any photos of Pete (drummer) as the crowd was so packed and I was directly in front of John (vocals/guitarist).

April Arabella


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