Sunflower Bean

Rough Trade East London


For those who haven’t been to a gig at Rough Trade East won’t know how intimate the gigs held there are. 

Walk past the hundreds of vinyls and CDs of old classic bands to new and upcoming artists from all genres and you will reach a small stage at the back of the store. I arrive when the band have already set up and a crowd of around 50 people have formed eagerly awaiting Sunflower Bean to walk on. My wait isn’t long until Julia (bass/vocals), Nick (guitar/vocals) and Jacob (drums) walk on stage greet the crowd and introduce themselves as a American band formed in New York. 

They open up with ‘Human Ceremony the title track from their debut album Human Ceremony, now available to buy at records stores or download on iTunes. 

Looking at Sunflower Bean you would be surprised that they aren’t a ‘super indie-pop’ band when they play live, but instead the riffs are heavy with the occasional gentle vocals from Julia and Nick floating in and out.PICT0087.JPG

Listening to their set feels very refreshing as they’re a new band their sound is still raw and you can really feel the energy they put into each song. Their stage presence seems to still be developing as they came across quite nervous, avoiding eye contact with the crowd, Julia kept looking over at Nick whilst he was playing as if no one else was in the room but him aPICT0083.JPGnd his band mates. There weren’t many pauses between the songs, only a small break as the band adjust their instruments whilst the crowd claps and cheers at the performance of the previous song. 

The crowd consisted of mostly mid 20s +  with a few teens amongst them. The
crowd weren’t very boisterous  which was surprising as the riffs were head banging worthy. Three young teenage girls were the only people to express their love for the band, by shouting out “Nick you’re the best”, with Nick awkwardly thanking them.

Julia thanks the crowd and Rough Trade for having them, she jokes about saying how many videos they’ve watched of gigs held at the store previously. Sunflower Bean then close their set with a track called Stalker, which they only wrote recently so unfortunately it isn’t on their album. 


I then met the band after their set to express my new found love for them (and to get a cheeky picture with them).  All photos took at the gig will be published at a later date.

(Left to right) Mona, Jacob, Nick, Julia & Me

Sunflower Bean are currently on tour and can be seen in London on the 18th February at The Dome. I would highly recommend seeing them as I predict big things for them in the future. 


 4/5 stars

April Arabella



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